Gary A. Lorandeau (Gabs)
Born and raised in Levittown Pa., I learned at an early age that drawing was something that came easy. Through the years I simply enjoyed the natural talent bestowed upon me. At the age of seventeen, I was what you could say introduced to the world of tattooing, intrigued not only by watching how a tattoo actually comes to be, but also awestruck by the many different styles and designs. Tattoo Flash was an art form that took me by storm. By August of 1983 I got my first real professionally performed tattoo! Thank you Tiny (from Feasterville Pa). This is the man that made tattooing a “Must do” in my life. As the years went by I always knew I could tattoo, but it seems procrastinating is also something I am naturally good at. LOL!

In 2000, my partner in crime (my wife) told me to shit or get off the pot. With her behind me in this endeavor, I started doing more than just get tattooed. I began to research, study and learn as much as I could about tattooing. Then it was time to seek an apprenticeship. Sad to say, I did not have any luck. So I decided I would do my best to teach myself, back to the internet I went. To make a long story short, I started out by tattooing myself, friends, friends of friends and so forth in my house. Thanks to you all and you all know who you are! Keep in mind, the entire time I did my best to perform every tattoo in the cleanest and safest manner possible. I soon came to realize regardless of how clean and safe I was, this just was not very professional. So with a phone call to my now business partner and friend, Sink The Ink Tattoo was born! So from 2004 I have been tattooing professionally! Thanks Joe for helping to make a dream of mine come true!

In 2013 I enrolled in a laser tattoo removal course and passed with a score of 100%! I am now a Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Technician. I decided to do this to offer my/our clients here at Sink The Ink more cover up options and of course to remove any old, unwanted or bad tattoos.

There is a lot more to this story but my bio page just ain’t big enough! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and we all here at Sink The Ink hope to hear from you soon! You can contact me by clicking the contact form or call 1-844-9-TATTOO Ext. 700