A little about me:
I have been tattooing full time at reputable studios since 2008 and currently work at Sink the Ink in Doylestown. I enjoy using linework in all of my designs but I also love to do black and gray work without lines.
I’ve been drawing all my life, I’ve explored pencils throughout most of my career. I enjoy working with traditional portraiture, I take commissions for portrait work in either:
traditional pencil or
colored pencil.
I have designed, but do not prefer, logos and branding.
I’ve studied pixel art for years in my adolescence.
I do not prefer paints. All of my work is either
in pencil, colored pencil, or marker.
I have quite a bit of experience with portraiture, including
humans as well as animals.
For pleasure I create distorted, abstract portraiture in pencil.
If you’ve interest in hiring me for tattooing or to draw your pet or maybe
a family member, click the red button below to contact me for an easy consultation or just call:

1-844-9-TATTOO Ext: 705

Please see my tattoo portfolio as well as a well rounded collection of my works on paper through the years, commissioned and personal, that I feel summarizes what I like to do/am capable of doing.